New medicines to benefit patients with virus associated cancers and other serious diseases

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We are a clinical-stage, biomarker-directed precision oncology company focused on advancing new medicines for the treatment of virus-associated malignancies. Our proprietary investigational drug, nanatinostat, is currently being evaluated in combination with the antiviral agent valganciclovir as an oral combination therapy in a Phase 2 clinical trial for EBV-positive lymphomas. Viracta is pursuing application of this inducible synthetic lethality approach in other EBV-associated malignancies, such as nasopharyngeal carcinoma, gastric carcinoma, and other virus-related cancers.

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This year we are poised to advance our novel all-oral combination product candidate into a global registrational study in EBV-positive lymphoma, and further expand into EBV-positive solid tumors, and we look forward to driving value to patients and shareholders in the years ahead


new cases of EBV-associated cancers each year


world’s population asymptomatically infected with EBV